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What makes BeBetta different from other online platforms?

BeBetta stands out by offering diverse sports prediction modes, dynamic odds based on user participation, and a player-centric approach compared to traditional prediction platforms.

How are the odds calculated for the predictions?

The odds in BeBetta's predictions are determined based on the number of participants and the amounts wagered, ensuring a fair and dynamic betting experience.

Can I participate in multiple prediction challenges simultaneously?


Are there any restrictions on the types of events I can predict?

While BeBetta strives to provide a wide range of events for predictions, certain restrictions may apply to maintain platform integrity and user safety.

Is there a minimum or maximum sports prediction amount for each prediction?

No, BeBetta allows users to experience sports prediction without the use of real money. Only the in-app earned coins will be utilized

What happens in case of a tie or draw in a predicted event?

In the event of a tie or draw, BeBetta employs predefined rules to handle payouts or offer alternatives for affected participants.

How does BeBetta ensure the security and privacy of user information?

BeBetta prioritizes user security, implementing robust encryption and data protection measures to safeguard user information.

Can I modify or cancel a prediction after placing it?

Once a prediction is placed, modifications or cancellations may not be allowed to maintain fairness and uphold the sports prediction experience.

Is there a leaderboard to track and celebrate top predictors?

BeBetta provides a dynamic leaderboard to track and celebrate top predictors, adding an extra layer of excitement to the sports prediction community.

Can I set the odds for any prediction I want?

Yes, you can set custom odds in the Head-to-Head Predictions mode.

What makes us Unique?

BeBetta's uniqueness lies in dynamic odds, various sports prediction modes, and a peer-to-peer experience.

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